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Infected with Sphagnosis

Infected with SphagnosisSphagnosis is diagnosed when somebody has become completely in awe and astounded by the astonishing beauty of Sphagnum.  A name derived from a delegate on an FSC Sphagnum Identification course in April this year.  As one develops sphagnosis the condition worsens when you gain awareness of the atypical forms, these individuals do not conform to identification guides and the situation becomes problematic. … Read more

Sampling, swatting and training.

Sampling, swatting and training.  Spring has finally made it to Northern Ireland, this means that I’ve been busy, busy, busy! I’m just finishing my second stint with the NIEA and we’ve been out sampling invertebrates, alkalinity and diatoms throughout Northern Ireland’s rivers. So far out of the grand total of 272 spring sampling sites, 209 have been taken so far, and by the end of next week it could very easily be 230, so it won’t be long now until it’s all wrapped up.… Read more

A Woolly Winter Update

A Woolly Winter UpdateWhat do a few balls of wool and a day with a Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers have to do with a Natural Talent apprenticeship? Read on, all will be revealed. It’s been a while since my last post – sorry!… Read more

Flow Country Research Conference: Looking Forward

Flow Country Research Conference: Looking ForwardMarch has been an exciting month in Thurso, Caithness.  Scientists, practitioners and students from all over the UK came together for the second Flow Country Research Conference organised by North Highland College UHI’s Environmental Research Institute.  This was a fantastic opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge on the current research taking place in the Flows – the single largest carbon store in the UK and a refuge for many unique species such as the carnivorous Sundew Drosera spp.… Read more

NFM foragers forest

NFM foragers forestLast week 105 Wild Harvest Trees through the Woodland Trusts Free Trees Scheme arrived in the Allan Water Catchment. Although consisting of varieties that would whet the palate of any wild forager, these fruit/berry/nut trees will also contribute towards minimising flood risk by accompanying the Natural Flood Management (NFM) Community Orchard and riverside (riparian) tree planting in slowing the flow of flood water at Craigton.… Read more