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Spring has sprung in Edinburgh (amongst other places!)

Spring has sprung in Edinburgh (amongst other places!)

We’ve been having a busy couple of months with the Edinburgh Midweek Group this season, having completed several projects in and around Edinburgh and the Lothians, as well as a huge display of teamwork and hard work at the Seven Lochs project in Glasgow where we worked alongside the Stirling and Glasgow volunteers for eight weeks!

Back in February the group started helping out at the beautiful Howden Walled Garden in Livingston. Here our aim was to create an edible walkway around the garden’s walls for the community to enjoy. The first task was to clear the walls and … Continue reading

An EPIC Launch in Clackmannanshire

An EPIC Launch in Clackmannanshire


Conservation and Community Engagement in Clackmannanshire

Recently there has been the launch of a new partnership between The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) and Enabling Projects In Clackmannanshire (EPIC). The partnership seeks to raise awareness for the distinctive landscape features and biodiversity around the Ochil Hillfoot Villages and promotes the need to safeguard such cultural and natural heritage through Community Engagement and Volunteering opportunities. Steered by EPIC, my role as TCV’s Senior Project Officer will be to identify the unique local environments, habitats and species of Clackmannanshire and devise the best means to conserve and enhance such features for the environment, … Continue reading

Mental Health Awareness Week – Wild Ways Well

Mental Health Awareness Week - Wild Ways Well

Stick your hand up if you know someone who has suffered – at some point in their lives – from poor mental health…

So that’s everyone then.

This week is mental health awareness week.  It’s a brilliant initiative, anything that brings mental health issues into focus should be applauded.  But when you think about it, it’s also a bit of a strange idea.

Why do we need to have mental health awareness events?  Every single person reading this will know someone with a mental health issue.  1 in 4 readers will be sufferers themselves.  We don’t have broken leg awareness … Continue reading

Become a Flood Warden Volunteer!

Become a Flood Warden Volunteer!

Do you want to learn more about your local area and help reduce flood risk?

Become a Flood Warden Volunteer!

We will provide all FREE training, support and guidance for the project to:

Monitor, record and clear debris from burns Identify and record invasive non-native plant species

*No previous knowledge of the subject required*

Express an interest or find out more contact Amanda Malcolm, or Mobile 07917 460488

TCV Stirling at 7 Lochs

The Stirling mid-week volunteer group have been busy on a new woodland management project to make a series of natural locations more accessible to the public, and to promote the presence and development of a greater variety of wildlife in the future.

Based at Hogganfield Park (Glasgow), Craigend Woods (near Airdrie) and Auchinlea Park (Glasgow), the group have had an exciting range of environments for their green fingers to work with at these 7 Lochs sites.

Their initiative has included tree thinning, crown liftingContinue reading