TCV's Conservation Handbooks

Five things our volunteers have done so far….

Bracken bashing

Why control bracken? This rapidly growing fern provides a great habitat for many birds and insects but it will invade heather and other grassland areas that are of conservation interest. TCV Stirling volunteers have spent ++ number of days ++ helping stop dense clumps of bracken spreading to adjoining grass and heather at ++ locations? ++ . The trick is to bash it really hard near the base stem with a big stick.
++ photos of bracken here ++

Himalayan Balsam clearing.

This is a plant that produces lovely pink flowers that hum with bees seeking the high sugar nectar in the late summer sun. As idyllic as this sounds, the plant is classified as an invasive species as it takes over large areas, mainly riverbanks ++(I think this is correct)++ making it difficult, sometimes impossible, for other species to grow. No one really knows if the bees love this particular nectar r only take it when there is no choice. TCV volunteers spent
++ days ++ clearing Balsam which comes up easily by it roots.
++ photos of HB++,

Rhododendron clearing at Muiravonside

Number of days, photos, and will get footprints in.y

Silver Birch control

++Expand on Facebook post, add location and days worked. ++

Garden project ??? There will be a blog about this when it is done so perhaps something else? Perhaps another clearance project then can rename blog “Five things to clear up” or similar.