Work continues with the Gardens and BBQ with Y-People.



Y-people3Last Tuesday and Thursday, the volunteers at Edinburgh set out to continue previous work on several community gardens across Edinburgh (Broomhouse and West Pilton) owned by the Y-people. There was a lot of general weeding and tidying up to do before the gardens looked semi-decent! In broomhouse, the beginnings of a strong wooden gate were created in order to give the garden a little privacy and security and the raised beds already made by a corporate group earlier in the year were given a once over weeding.
In West Pilton, Raised beds were made from scratch from giant unused railway sleepers. A huge and difficult task considering the sleepers were full of horrible smelling tar and were so thick to cut that even the saws had a hard time! Once built, the raised beds were filled with soil and the surrounding area weeded and wood-chipped. Overall, a very successful week!

2 thoughts on “Work continues with the Gardens and BBQ with Y-People.

  1. Good stuff, and I sympathise about the sleepers tar – which is actually dangerous if left as it fumes – I’ve been there. Would like to know who the Y People are – one sentence answer please!

    • The y people are a Scottish charity, formerly known as the YMCA, that helps homeless and vulnerable groups by providing accommodation and support programs

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