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Time flies when you’re hunting for snails – Month Two at Buglife

Time flies when you're hunting for snails - Month Two at Buglife

Hello again, and first of all sorry, as things might turn a bit hashtag blessed in a minute…

The last month has been about getting out and meeting people, with a big focus on my personal development in terms of what I’m learning and what skills I can see myself using in the future. Only 2 months into the TCV traineeship and I already feel it’s one of the most valuable things I’ve ever had the privilege of being involved in. Each day is exciting, genuinely in the sense that there’s a world of opportunities for me to access – … Continue reading

A second month of nature and events!

A second month of nature and events!

Another busy month with several important events to organize and celebrate!

Encountering the unexpected

This project is a recent development set up to engage people aged 60 and over, with nature that they can find local to them, as part of Nature on your Doorstep.

The project is delivered in sessions and I was part of the Seaside themed second session. This was a huge success, everyone really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. I could show my beach finds, gathered from surveying, and listen to others share their memories of the beach.

Conchology specialist … Continue reading

Watch out World!…..

Watch out World!.....

It’s only a couple of weeks since my first blog…but just like when going invertebrate hunting, my perception of time goes awry! The sun just keeps on shining in Shropshire and the rains seems to come mainly whenever I’m camping! The 5am dawn chorus has been my alarm call, and the days are full of wild life from dawn til dusk.

Rich, Charlie and I spent a blissful day on Haughmond Hill, carrying out a National Plant Monitoring Scheme (NPMS) survey. This scheme allocates volunteers a specific patch, within which 5 representative square or linear plots are chosen … Continue reading

Moths and Mosses – A Natural Talent Traineeship

Moths and Mosses - A Natural Talent Traineeship

Hello! I’m Ross McIlwrath and I’m one of this year’s Natural Talent Trainees! Over the next year I’ll be studying Micro Moths and Peatlands. My traineeship is based in Stirling with Butterfly Conservation. I am thrilled to have been given this opportunity which will allow me to acquire specialist knowledge over this next year.

Micro moths are a group of animals that have been historically undervalued and under-recorded due to their small size. This makes them difficult to identify and many even need dissected under a microscope to be certain of their species!! However, over half of the 2500 … Continue reading

May – Hoppers are Everywhere.

May - Hoppers are Everywhere.

Two months into my traineeship and I feel like I have already learnt so much, at the same time I realise there is so much more to learn and I have only just scraped the surface! The month of May has brought beautiful sunshine and a few soggy days, for me it has meant a lot of ‘botanising’ and exploring the world of hoppers. I am going to share with you what I have been up to, and some of my interesting finds this month.

Hoppers are everywhere… I present to you the Sage Leafhopper Eupteryx melissae. Who knew something … Continue reading