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New Natural Communities Toolkit

New Natural Communities Toolkit

A final post from Natural Communities, to share the new Natural Communities Toolkit. It shares some of what we have learnt, practical hints and tips and lots of ideas for effective community engagement in environmental work.

It is free to download through the Natural Communities webpage so please have a read, circulate it widely to anyone interested in engaging communities in environmental issues and do get in touch with any questions.

Natural Communities has been a wonderful programme and a huge success.  We wish  everyone who has been involved lots of luck in taking the Natural Communities approach … Continue reading

Reflections of a Natural Communities Trainee

Reflections of a Natural Communities Trainee

I want to share my last blog with you as a Natural Community Trainee.

As a resident of Cumbernauld I have seen areas become overgrown and been angry that I saw nothing being done to tidy the place up, or make it feel safer… I didn’t have the skills and to be honest I wasn’t looking under the surface, it was too easy to blame others.  The economy at present is pretty bleak with huge cuts to Local Authority spending.  The area that has less impact on us and appears to be the easiest to take the hit is the environment.  … Continue reading

Natural Communities hits the Big Screen

We are delighted to be able to announce that our new Natural Communities video is now live and up online.  Thanks to all from the showcase event and across the Natural Communities programme who took part in the video – I hope you are all pleased with the end result.

For all community groups and partner organisations out there I hope the video will give you an idea of the methodology developed through Natural Communities and gives you lots of ideas of projects that you would like to work on with TCV – … Continue reading

Natural Connections II – Habitats

Natural Connections II - Habitats

You may remember in my last blog I was telling you about the Pine marten workshops, when we first piloted this out in Condorrat Primary School in June 2014 we realised that we were missing the point of reconnecting habitats for the benefit of wildlife and that we weren’t getting that vital message out to the community.  The solution was a second workshop which linked the wildlife to the urban environment and looked at reconnecting green areas such as woodlands and parks to create a mosaic of varied habitats.

The Habitat workshops asked children aged 8-12 years to assess their … Continue reading

A busy year…..

Well, it’s been just over a year since I met the other Natural Communities trainees at our induction in Stirling and how time flies.  We were told at the start that things would get busy pretty quickly which hasn’t been too far wrong!

From community consultations to delivering school workshops and surveying for otter poo to community litter picks, the past 13 months have been interesting and passed in a flash. Over the last year I’ve been developing opportunities to engage a wider audience with their local rivers and there’s little sign of things slowing down.  Hopefully … Continue reading