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Our Environment Competition Extended!

The ‘Our Environment Competition’ is a great way of engaging young people with their local environment.

Submit your entry as a presentation, poster, leaflet, video or photo storyboard – or maybe you can think of another creative way. Have you already been working on an environmental project? You can use what you have found out and produced for this competition! The winning entry will get £1000!

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Green Gyms: health and happiness

Green Gyms: health and happiness

It’s a reason to leave the house and it lifts the depression. You are achieving something and you meet new people.

Charlotte, Green Gym volunteer.

This Blog has been written to show TCV’s support, along with 19 other organisations, for a Nature and Wellbeing Act – to put nature at the heart of decision making and to ensure that people have greater access to nature for the benefit of their health and wellbeing.

There are many reasons people join their local Green Gym – a referral from the doctor, an advertisement at the … Continue reading

#Fit4Gov: TCV’s call to politicians – get active and help Britain get healthy

Houses of Parliament across the River Thames

Fit for Gov is our campaign calling on MPs to help Britain get healthy by leading by example and getting active in 2015. In particular, the campaign is calling for MPs to get active in their local areas and take part in free activities to show that improving your health doesn’t have to be costly.

Britain is currently facing a public health time bomb:

Britain is now the most obese nation in Europe. It is recommended by the UK’s Chief Medical Officer that Continue reading

Can the environment change the way in which we tackle social and health inequality?

Can the environment change the way in which we tackle social and health inequality?

Concern on social and health inequality is growing in the UK. Four years after the Marmot Review set out the evidence demonstrating the relationship between health and social and economic conditions, we have had another call for an agenda more focused on social inequalities, this time from Natural England.

In its recent report Natural solutions for tackling health inequalities Natural England highlighted how health inequalities are the result of widespread social and economic inequalities. In fact, so close is the relationship between social and economic factors and health, … Continue reading