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CLIP works with 16-25 year olds across Cumbria to enable more people to take up volunteering and contribute to their local communities. We place volunteers in a wide variety of placements from animal care to event management to social care and loads more! Please enjoy these blogs from some of our volunteers to gain an insight in to the world of the volunteer!

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My year with CLIP

Over the past year, I joined up with with TCV as part of the volunteering unit with the CLIP project.

After I completed all the hours with clip I still continued going out with TCV because I enjoy it and it makes me feel good. I set my self targets by taking more responsibility for myself and watch the other workers in the group so I can work like them.

It makes me happy when the other volunteers say I worked hard and I am a good worker because that will improve my confidence and teamwork skills. I really enjoy coming … Continue reading

Volunteering at Barrow Foodbank

Barrow Foodbank is a charity that provides food and support for people in crisis situations.

In July 2012, I began to volunteer there through the CLIP project. I was a bit nervous at first, I didn’t know anyone and didn’t really know what to expect. I decided to work in the drop in centre, this is where people bring deliveries of food and members of the public bring their vouchers to collect food. Everybody was so helpful and friendly that I soon settled in, and I really enjoyed meeting the new people and feeling like I was able to give … Continue reading

Bye Bye Sian.

The Clip youth volunteering Project is waving adieu to Sian who is leaving to go to pastures new.  We wish her well and do not want to dwell, but thank her for getting us up and running in the world of blogging!

The reality of volunteering…

Following up from ‘Great Expectations’, our group of volunteers Tweeted on the reality of volunteering, here’s how it worked out for them:

I’ve had loads of fun and gained a lot from it 🙂 #volunteering

Had the time of my life! No regrets 🙂 #volunteering

Fun. Eventful. Stressful. Exciting. Achieving. Life changing. Emotional. Enjoyment. Rewarding. #volunteering

It was fun and it was great helping people and making new friends #volunteering

Fun. Exciting. New. Different. Good experience. Positive. Sometimes challenging. #volunteering

Such a great three weeks. I managed to bake cakes and not eat them. #volunteering

#Volunteering! was a great experience … Continue reading

Great Expectations!

Great Expectations!

We asked a group of young people who were about to begin volunteering what they were expecting their experience to be like, have a look at their answers here….

I am volunteering at Greystone Community Centre to give tea and scones and to host a game of bingo. I am looking forward to helping out with the bingo and the food. I am looking forward to making the over 60’s day enjoyable. I am also helping raise funds for the British Legion. I am organising a fun day to raise money. By Ben

Next week I think it would … Continue reading

I Volunteer at George Hastwell School

I have 3 years experience at George Hastwell School Barrow-in-Furness. I help the children to learn to swim and I help them to read and I help to do maths and help them with their handwriting and I help with group exercise.

I work from 9:30am to 3:45pm every Tuesday during term time. I enjoy working with the children and the staff at George Hastwell School because they are all nice people. There’s nothing I don’t like about it I love working at George Hastwell School. My future plan is looking for a job working with children or working in … Continue reading

A day in the life of a ‘Right2Work’ volunteer

Today I get to work at 8:25am, thankfully I have my own key so I don’t have to wait outside in the cold! There’s a guy on work placement waiting so I let him in and make us a cup of tea while we wait for the other volunteers, work placements and project coordinators to arrive.

Once everyone’s arrived and I’ve made them a cup of tea of coffee (yes, one of my jobs is tea girl!) we get started with the day.

To begin with I finish up things I have left from the previous day or week. … Continue reading

Volunteering at St. Mary’s Hospice

I volunteer at St Mary’s Hospice Warehouse which is located on Walney Road, Barrow-in-Furness. The Warehouse specializes in selling household furniture for charity. Items are donated to the warehouse. I started here in February of 2012 after being referred to BTCV by the Shaw Trust to work as part of the Clip Project.

The manager of the charity at Ulverston got in contact with me and we arranged to meet with the Warehouse manager. The following week we met at the warehouse and we had a chat about the way things work and what I would do as a volunteer. … Continue reading