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A year on

A year on

During my year working as a Natural Communities trainee in placement with Buglife I have worked on a range of projects, been given a multitude of opportunities, and received more training than you can shake a stick at. In building … Continue reading

Jobs to do in February

As the end of Winter draws closer, the days are getting longer, bulbs are emerging and there are plenty of jobs to get your green space ship shape and ready for the spring. Here is the list for you budding gardeners … Continue reading

One Year to the Day! (and an invitation)

One Year to the Day! (and an invitation)

Well would you believe it… 20th January. One year ago to the day, fresh from a two-month stint of unemployment very extended Christmas break, I stepped into the Sub-Arctic climate of the Stirling office meeting room and began my twelve-month … Continue reading

Recording Nature’s Calendar with Dobbies, Little Seedlings group – Kinross

Recording Nature's Calendar with Dobbies, Little Seedlings group – Kinross

TCV Scotland and Amanda James of Dobbies Garden Centre have undertaken an exciting pilot Phenology Project which looked at changes to animal and plant growth and behaviour that indicate changes to the seasons. Plotting the time of these indicators against … Continue reading

Peat Bog Restoration 13th – 15th January

It’s a new year and we are back, My new years resolution is to stop neglecting this blog so all of you out there can see what we are getting up to! So this week we were at Easter Inch … Continue reading

Planting Cider!

Planting Cider!

Cider you say!? Yup, you read correctly! Recently I have been involved in a fantastic project that involves cider, the community, local food security and contributes towards flood alleviation. The landowner on this site has been a pleasure to work … Continue reading

Volunteering – a step in the right direction

Volunteering - a step in the right direction

David Meechan gives the thumbs-up to long-term volunteering. For some people this is a step towards full time employment in the environmental sector. It’s a move that seems to have paid off for 24 year old David who has recently … Continue reading

Free Community Engagement Workshops and Celebration

The Natural Communities team are coming towards the end of their placements and we are planning a showcase event of community engagement workshops to share information about the projects, talk about lessons learnt and celebrate the projects they have all … Continue reading

Fat cakes!

Fat cakes!

Today we produced freshly made fatcakes at Swanshurst Girls’ School on the Health for Life programme. Some of the girls found the task quite “gooey” at first but then soon got the hang of it. With a little help from … Continue reading