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Touring the home nations

I have done so much and visited so many places in the past two months, it’s difficult to condense it all into a short blog – but I’ll give it a go. Firstly, please excuse the absence of an October … Continue reading

About Time

About Time

I’m here! Sorry I’ve been so quiet recently. I’ll give you a catch up on what I’ve been up to. Back in August! I helped the Green Angels deliver their Bioblitz at Festival Gardens which is 10 minutes walk from … Continue reading

Space to Grow needs your vote for local funding!

Space to Grow needs your vote for local funding!

It’s been a couple of whirlwind weeks for our Space to Grow group in Maryhill. They’ve came runners up in our TCV Hero’s Outdoor and Active Awards and shortlisted for the RSPB Nature of Scotland Awards. Now, the project has … Continue reading

It’s beeeeen a busy few months…

It's beeeeen a busy few months...

What a busy few months! Since the last entry we’ve harvested our first ever turnips from the garden, more radishes, the odd surprise leftover potato, raspberries, a few strawberries and the peas and beans never made it out the garden … Continue reading

TCV Employee Action Days with Camelot Watford!

TCV Employee Action Days with Camelot Watford!

Our Watford Green Gym volunteers have been working on the Cassiobury Park Community Project site for the past year, which is being developed as part of the large Heritage Lottery funded Cassiobury Park project. And, as an additional benefit, this … Continue reading

Busy, busy, busy –

Busy, busy, busy -

Three words that sum up recent weeks and more so than ever! I have worked with Liam Olds quite a bit in the last couple of months and it’s been great to jointly share our new found skills and strengths … Continue reading

October Update

Hello and welcome to another monthly blog update from the Tree Life Centre!  We hope this blog find you well as Autumn is well and truly come in on us, with the weather slowly turning to feel more seasonal than that we … Continue reading

What’s good food & drink without clean air to breathe?

What's good food & drink without clean air to breathe?

I span into September, and have been learning, facilitating, discovering and exploring at full tilt ever since!  The last two months have been jam packed full with public engagement activities and enhancing my experience and knowledge of lichens in different habitats. September … Continue reading

Hay There!

Burning hay cuttings

So I haven’t blogged for quite some time, but that just means I have more to blog about! The late Summer and Autumn became has been a really busy time and I’ve been getting stuck habitat management in the living … Continue reading

Goodbye Orkney

Goodbye Orkney

  Out on the shore and a few seaweeds from Cumbrae September and October were months of transition for me and my traineeship. I spent the beginning of September at the FSC Marine Station on Cumbrae with some of the … Continue reading