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Spring wildlife to look out for in May!

Spring wildlife to look out for in May!

Hi there! This month there is loads of exciting wildlife appearing all over the country and taking part in Citizen Science gives you a fantastic excuse to get out there a see it! Here are some lovely May beauties to spot this month!

Swift  Apus apus

Swifts wings are long and narrow. The tail is slightly forked, but not as much as a swallow’s. They are dark, sooty brown all over, but swifts often look black against the sky. If you get a good look, you might see their pale throat. They eat flying insects and airborne spiders

Swifts have … Continue reading

British Science Week with St Mary’s Primary School

British Science Week with St Mary's Primary School

Thanks to funding from the British Science Association, we were able to run two Citizen Science sessions with a class of P5’s from St Mary’s Primary School in Maryhill. This was part of British Science Week, and what a lovely week it was!

In our first session we introduced the children to the world of lichen and used it to help them understand the importance and impacts of air quality. Lichen, that funny plant like structure we see growing everywhere, is a fantastic indicator of air quality as it is very sensitive to nitrogen and ammonia … Continue reading

‘Citizen Science in Communities’ Film

In partnership with OPAL we have created a ‘Citizen Science in Communities’ film showcasing two community groups – Friends of the River Kelvin and Space to Grow. Our film illustrates Co-creation and Community Based Environmental Monitoring (CBEM) approach and highlights each community groups learning journey to becoming Citizen Scientists.

This film nicely compliments the ‘Co-creation and Community Based Environmental Monitoring Citizen Science Pilot Projects’ and the shorter version ‘Top Tips for Co-creation and CBEM Citizen Science Projects’.

Happy viewing!

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has Sprung!

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update from me. It finally feels like spring is here and the start of my season of surveying has begun. The focus of my traineeship is entomology as a whole, however looking at dead wood invertebrates, especially beetles has been something that I have been keen to look at. My traps at Blenheim Palace have now been in place for a month now and I checked them all last week and am beginning to sort through and identify the material. This is rather exciting as you never know what you may find, especially on an under recorded … Continue reading

‘Top Tips’ for Developing Co-creation and Community Based Environmental Monitoring (CBEM) Citizen Science Projects

‘Top Tips’ for Developing Co-creation and Community Based Environmental Monitoring (CBEM) Citizen Science Projects

‘Top Tips’ for Developing Co-creation and Community Based Environmental Monitoring (CBEM) Citizen Science Projects

‘Co-Creation and Community Based Environmental Monitoring (CBEM) Citizen Science Pilot Projects’ report. This report aims to provide an introduction to Co-creation and Community Based Environmental Monitoring (CBEM) Citizen Science projects. It aims to explain the two types of Citizen Science approach and describe how the approaches have been piloted in Scotland.

We have also created a shorter version of the report ‘Top Tips for Developing Co-creation and Community Based Environmental Monitoring (CBEM)’. This shorter report highlights the main findings and will help … Continue reading

Hello from ‘Up North’!

Hello from 'Up North'!

This is your first insight into the working lives of Sue Loughran

and Holly Ramsden, the Northern England Natural Network Trainees!! 

Even though we’re based in different TCV offices our paths have continuously crossed, but first a little about each of us. (Argyll, Edinburgh Campsite, Hedgelaying, Bache)

Holly from Hollybush 🙂

There are too few people in the world that can say they love their job, but I really really do!! I started my traineeship at the beautiful TCV site Hollybush in Kirkstall, Leeds six weeks ago now. My, time has flown. After moving from South … Continue reading

Sunshine and Hail in Central Scotland

Sunshine and Hail in Central Scotland

Another month has passed, but spring is still struggling to get established in Central Scotland. We’ve had sunshine, we’ve had snow, we’re currently having hail. But lucky for us we also still have plenty of dogs!

The intrepid volunteers at the Shotts Nature Park have been busy resurfacing the teaching circle after it endured some unfortunate vandalism related damage last summer. It’s been really interesting getting to know local people and supporting them in making the park a nicer place for the whole community. They have lots of fascinating stories about living in the area, and I’m keen to learn … Continue reading

*Insert witty blog title*

Hello! My name is David Fleming, I am the Natural Networks Trainee based in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, and this is the 1st blog I have ever written in my life, never mind just for TCV! So hopefully it won’ be too dull to read!

My position in the Coleraine office and the North East Area is a Trainee Community/Wildlife Officer and as my job title may suggest I work alongside a lot of the local communities, getting them more involved in nature and creating more green spaces in the likes of Nursery and Primary Schools, community centres, hospitals and housing … Continue reading

Lost in East Ayrshire

Lost in East Ayrshire

Hello Thank you for coming to read my blog, though I can’t promise it won’t be a long one as it’s been a pretty busy couple of months! My name is Jenny and along with my partner in crime Carolyn (No pic of us together yet as Carolyn’s superpower is dodging my selfie attempts) are the new Natural Networks learning trainees. We are based with East Ayrshire Council at St. Joseph’s Academy in Kilmarnock, and are part of their Learning Outdoors Support Team (LOST). I’ve just moved to Killie from The Wirral and I’m glad to say have been made … Continue reading

TCV Garden

TCV Garden

Today has been an absolute gorgeous day! The weather has been blues skies and with no clouds in site, the TCV volunteers have had a cracky day in the TCV Garden.

We have been making a new planter today, ready to get our green thumbs out planting different flowers and vegetables. We want to plant sweet peas and potatoes- what would you grow?

We have actually made our planter using a very old pallet. Pallets are very cheap bits of wood used when we get deliveries of heaviers items.

We prised our old pallet apart to salvage these bits of … Continue reading